Verband deutscher Alkoholhersteller und Verarbeiter e.V.
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Presentation of the association, the Objectives and the Mission


Foundation: 15. October 2002
Location: Hannover (registered at Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Hannover VR 8273)
Board: Ludz Wilkening (Chairman)
Joachim Hofmann (Deputy Chairman)
Dr. Reinholf Schierbrock (Treasurer)
Mathias Berkel
Address: Lohweg 39, D-30559 Hannover

Phone: +49-511-51005- 41
Fax: +49-511-51005- 24
P.O.Box: 71 04 30 D-30644 Hannover

Members: 6 Ethanol producing companies, 2 honorary members
Characteristics: The members are producers or processors of fermentation ethanol who produce without subsidies by the German Bundesmonopoly and sell the produced alcohol to customers on the free market.
Objectives: The association will promote its members in economic and professional questions. Therefore the association intends to protect its members' interests against political parties and decision makers, other associations, branches or state authorities. It intends also to have a close cooperation with existing European an national associations.
The association is member of the "UNION EUROPEENNE DES PRODUCTEURS D’ALCOOL"

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The member companies believe in an ongoing process of liberalisation of the ethanol market in Germany and Europe and in a continuous reduction of the role of the German state monopoly. With this background the association tries to promote free and fair market conditions for the parties involved.